Thursday, April 18, 2013

Genoa, a restored northern city and seaport of the Italian Riviera

Genoa, a restored northern city and seaport of the Italian Riviera

  Genoa’s old port, also known as the Porto Antico, is now a renovated tourist friendly spot with cafes, restaurants and even a biosphere suspended over the water. For those who fancy wine bars try Taggiou (Vico Superiore del Ferro 8; 39-010-27-59-225; for red and whites in variety. You can sample a plate of 'i salumi' or an assortment of popular cheeses  with a glass of wine reasonably priced.

Taggiou's Wine list:

Vini Rossi
Rossese (Liguria)
Dolcetto di Dogliani “Il Mandolone” (Piemonte)

Vini BianchiFalanghina
Pinot Grigio

    Genoese are not fans of brunch. Try one of the many pasticcerias around this medieval city. At Tagliafico (Via Galata, 31 R; 39-010-56-5714) there are display cases with homemade croissants, bign├ęs (cream puffs) and chocolates. An espresso and a couple of pastries cost around 5 euros.

 Frecciabiancagoes from Milan to Rome with a stop in Genoa and Pisa along the way. It  follows the coast down the northwestern side of Italy, then inland via Pisa. There are night trains that connect travelers from France to Italy on Thello as well.
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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Are you a Gallophile?


Tours to Nice, Eze, Monte Carlo, Provence, and Saint Tropez available now for $1,200 USD at

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Monday, March 25, 2013

To accommodate travelers at the museums in Florence there are alternate opening and closing days so that not all museums are closed on the same day. (read full article on

Reserve tickets in advance to avoid lines for museums and arrive early.

Uffizi Gallery Opening Times:  Tuesday - Sunday: 8.15 am - 6.50 pm

 "The highlights are the famous “Madonna enthroned” by Giotto, the “Battle of San Romano” by Paolo Uccello, the double portrait by Piero della Francesca, “Federico da Montefeltro”, the “Birth of Venus” by Botticelli , in addition to three works by Leonardo, one by Michelangelo, a few by Raffaello and many by Tiziano. All paintings have been displayed chronologically, so it is possible to fully appreciated all the innovations in art throughout the centuries."

A list of popular museums in Florence to visit.

Monday, March 18, 2013

European vacation packing tips

Italian lemons!

  • Compare airfare on several sites for a while before purchasing tickets e.g. on
  • Fly into one city and out of another to save yourself a train ride at the end of the trip   
  • Make copies of all travel documents and store copies in at least two different places
  • Buy local currency before departing or upon arrival for transportation, gratuities, meals, transfers
  • Consider getting short term travel insurance
  • Buy train tickets 2-3 days in advance of holiday weekends
  • Pack extra camera memory cards and charger
  • Upload complete itinerary in case baggage is lost
  • Only pack comfortable shoes and lightweight clothing that will dry easily overnight
  • Check local weather conditions and travel alerts for your destination(s)
  • Purchase an international phone card before departing, store information/number in travel pouch
  • Keep a journal of travel memories, favorite places visited and new friend contacts
  • Buy postcards at grocery or discount stores instead of street vendors
  • Bring a list of addresses and pre printed address labels for sending postcards
  • Pack light, roll up clothes to take up less space, and prepare a carry on bag one week ahead (this size fits overhead bin  9" × 22" × 14")
  • Bring an extra travel pouch or day pack for walking tours, hiking, outdoor activities
  • Once you arrive locate a laundry mat or ask hotel about in house laundry service
  • Hotels will usually store luggage and documents for you
  • Other items to pack: insect repellent, small flashlight, toiletries, dry shampoo, laundry detergent,   luggage lock, earplugs, eye mask, stain remover wipes, hand sanitizer, first aid kit, medicines, vitamins, plastic bags, travel pillow, sewing kit, mini pack of tissues, glasses, contact lenses, sunglasses, travel alarm clock, day pack, note paper and pens, travel size air freshener for linens/pillows, jacket, scarf, hat, sun visor, sunscreen, flip flops, small towel/washcloth, poncho or small umbrella
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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Tuscan Retreat, Winery Tour, Yoga, and more!

Here is a picture of the bountiful breakfast prepared daily by the hotel chef.

Tuscan travelogue

Although some would prefer to stay closer to Florence a great way to see the area by train is to stay in a smaller town. Biking, golf, skiing, spa wellness and horseback riding are popular activities in Pistoia. Little did we know what would await us at breakfast. The highlight was the chef prepared tart made with a delicious fruit jam, decorated with a lattice criss-cross design, cooked in the stone oven, and sprinkled with powdered sugar.  The staff was very accommodating and will prepare individual lunches to go upon request. If on a tour with a full day then an early evening antipasto plate with wine for guests is also available since Italian dinner time starts at 8pm. A pool is being built on the hotel grounds which upgrades the allure of spending a week there this May! Yoga, a winery tour, relaxation, spa treatments, Florence, local cuisine, and more fresh tarts await. And we do mean fresh as in tasty homemade goodness!

Our upcoming Tuscan tour will have daily yoga and a regional winery tour to enhance the week of Italian lifestyle immersion. Yoga mats will be provided, wine pairings with group dinners, optional activities include spa treatments, golf, biking, cooking classes, photography, and painting.

*Dates and prices are subject to fluctuation

Il dolce far niente

Friday, February 22, 2013

Yoga Retreat and Winery Tour Promotion

Join us for an Italian lifestyle immersion this May! We will travel throughout the Tuscan region.

Tours to a regional winery and visit Tuscan towns for an Italian lifestyle adventure.